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Today Lending LLC’s straight forward approach makes the loan process simple and fast.  Our company goal is to make the purchase, refinance or building loan with HUD Section 184 Loans EASY. Whether you are local to us in Tulsa, Oklahoma or in one of the eight states we service OK, KS, FL, CO, CA, WA, OR or NM.  There isn’t anyone that has the expertise of the Today Lending tribe.



What are the benefits of Section 184 Loans for Native Americans?

Lower Monthly PMI.  Most lenders only quote you their rate of the day, but they assume you know the fees.  PMI (MIP) is required on conventional and government home loans.  184 loans have lower monthly fees.


Do I have to live on Tribal Land?

NO!  The home can be anywhere in the states that Today Lending is licensed.


Does my spouse have to be Native American?

NO!  Only one of the borrowers on the loan need to be a citizen of a federally recognized tribe.


What is the Section 184 Loan credit score requirement?

NO CREDIT SCORE REQUIREMENTS (Must have no outstanding collections or late payments within one Year.) Do not get this confused with bad credit.  We simply take a commonsense approach.  The underwriters are looking for demonstrated ability to repay the home loan.


Do I have to be a full blooded Native American?

NO!  All you need is your citizenship card for a federally recognized tribe.


Manufactured home loans available for Section 184 Home Loans, VA Loans, USDA, FHA Loans and Conventional.

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Today Lending LLC has over 20 years of experience in residential lending. That means we can find a solution to any situation.

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Today Lending LLC is proud to serve the Native American community. This program is available to ALL citizens everywhere in the states we are licensed.


This program may not be right for you. We will do everything we can to advise and offer a better option. Even if it is not with Today Lending.

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