Apache Tribe Section 184 Home Loans

The Apache Tribe is eligible for our HUD Section 184 Native American Home Loan. Apache Citizens can purchase in all eligible states and territories in and outside of their reservation.  The Today Lending eligible states include Oklahoma, New Mexico, Florida, Kansas, Colorado, Washington and Oregon. We offer a reduced interest rate and closing cost loan with no maximum income guidelines.  You can Purchase, Build or Refinance with us to get all of these loan benefits.

At Today Lending we also work with the best home loans available Section 184 Loans, FHA , VA , USDA, Conventional home loans.  We prides ourselves on being prompt, respectful and professional.  Our people have a smile on our face Today Lending Happy Customereven when talking over the telephone.   Today Lending is located in Tulsa Home Loans Company serving all of Oklahoma, Kansas,  Oregon, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington and Florida.  Today Lending offers a wide range of Home Loans and with consideration to all borrower circumstances especially self-employed.

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Apache Tribe Loan

– 2.25% down payment necessity for loans more than $50,000.

– 1.25% down payment necessity for loans below $50,000.

– Low Monthly mortgage insurance. ($15 per 100K financed)

Geronimo Apache Tribe

Geronimo Apache Tribe

– A one-time, 1.5 percent loan guarantee fee that could be additional to your financed loan.

– HUD underwriters are recognizable with the exclusive situations as well as circumstances concerned while acquiring financing on the American Indian land.

There are many alternatives for loans obtainable through Section 184 Program. Borrowers could:

– Buy an existing home.

– Build a new home (stick-built or a manufactured home on enduring basis).

– Rehabilitate a home.

– Buy and regenerate a home.

– Refinance an obtainable mortgage (Rate & Term, Streamline and Cash-Out).

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