Cherokee Nation Satellite Communities

Name of Organization



Central Oklahoma Cherokee Alliance Oklahoma City, OK
Central Texas Cherokee Township Austin, TX
Cherokee Citizens League of Southeast Texas Houston, TX
Cherokee Community of Central California Bakersfield, CA
Cherokee Community of North Texas Dallas, TX
Cherokee Community of Puget Sound Seattle, WA  
Cherokee Community of the Inland Empire Riverside, CA
Cherokees of Chicagoland Chicago, IL 
Cherokees of Northern Central Valley Sacramento, CA
Cherokee Society of the Greater Bay Area San Francisco, CA  
Cherokee Township of San Antonio San Antonio, TX
Cherokees of Central Florida Tampa, FL
Cherokees of Orange County Anaheim, CA
Colorado Cherokee Circle Denver, CO
Desert Cherokees Tucson, AZ  
Greater Wichita Area Cherokee Community Wichita, KS  
Kansas City Cherokees Kansas City, MO
Mt. Hood Cherokees Portland, OR
San Diego Cherokee Community  San Diego, CA  
The Cherokee Southwest Township Albuquerque, NM
Tsa-La-Gi LA Los Angeles, CA
Valley of The Sun Cherokees Phoenix, AZ
Willamette Tsa-La-Gi Community Eugene, OR
CNCA Board  Cherokee Nation, OK   


The Section 184 home loan program not only extends to the citizens of the Cherokee Nation that live within the tribal jurisdiction, but also to the At-Large citizens whom live all over the country.  As long as an individual can be identified by their tribal enrollment number, every member of any federally recognized tribe is eligible for services through the Section 184 program.

What is an At-Large citizen?  After what was considered to be the second great removal of the Cherokees during the dust bowl era, Cherokee families were dispersed all over the country in search for jobs and a promising future.  Some of the more popular destinations included San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago where not only Cherokees but thousands of Americans competed for the few jobs that were available in the 1930’s.

Today the Cherokee Nation consists of over 300 thousand citizens living all over the world.  Of the 300 thousand, only 1/3 of Cherokees live within the tribe’s jurisdiction, leaving most citizens without the tribe’s housing assistance program.  For those living within the Cherokee Nation, housing assistance is extremely limited with only a few homes built each year and a tremendous waiting list that continues to grow every month.

With the help of the Section 184 program, Today Lending provides Native Americans, like those of the Cherokee Nation, the tools to obtain their own home without waiting in lines while immediately securing competitive interest rates with no minimum credit score or income restriction.

What can the Section 184 program do for your family?

Not only can you use the program to purchase a new home, Today Lending can assist with utilizing the Section 184 program to build a new home, refinancing your existing home, or even for purchasing a one-to-four unit residential property.

Where can I build a home?

Today Lending provides services to Oklahoma, Kansas, Florida, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, and New Mexico. The Section 184 program may work in other states, but Today Lending recommends you first check for your state’s eligibility at the link below.

Contact either Brandon Caruso or Chris Davenport at Today Lending to find out more details on the Section 184 program.  (918) 582-7283


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