Oklahoma Home Loans Including HUD Section 184

Oklahoma Home Loans Including HUD Section 184

Oklahoma Home Loans

Oklahoma home loans are offered in a variety of options. Often times your eligibility is determined not just by your finances, but also your personal situation, life experiences and ethnicity, to name some factors. Take a few moments though to consider the choices in new Oklahoma home loans or refinancing your home that you already own.  At Today Lending we look at the total picture to make available the best loan for you.

What Oklahoma Home Loans Are Best For You

If you have a place now, a refinancing home loan might be worth exploring because you can save money over the term of your loan, or shorten your loan term by getting a better rate. If you’re in a rural area then an USDA loan might be exactly what you need, more than conventional mortgages or FHA loans. The USDA loan is there to serve low to moderate income families BBB Oklahoma home loanslooking to buy a farm. If you’re a veteran then the VA home loan program could be worth exploring. While it’s true you’ll have particular structure regulations to pass before closing on a home, you can get a great rate if you served in the military. Another option is the Native American Loan HUD Section 184. It’s a HUD program designed to help Native Americans secure Oklahoma home loans with lower payments and loose underwriting guidelines.  (we require one year of clean credit history)

See Today Lending for Your Oklahoma Home Loans

I’m Chris Davenport and at Today Lending we’re ready to help you find Oklahoma home loans that save you money. It only takes a few moments of your time to get started. In most instant’s we can have you an immediate answer.  Just remember, homeownership doesn’t have to be difficult. Make it a reality by contacting us today.


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  1. Carmen Cupp on December 7, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    I’m interested in a home loan they section 184 hud never owned a home my credit isn’t good but I’m working on getting it higher at this time it’s 635 and 626. Don’t want my credit ran until necessary. My payment history on all loans at 100% only bad things I have is medical bills I’m in need of help with purchasing a home I just got guardianship of my grandson and we need help and stability for our future..

    Thank You
    Carmen Cupp

    • Today Lending on December 22, 2016 at 4:34 pm

      Credit score isn’t a factor with the HUD 184 Loan program. However you need to establish good payment history for one year and pay off all previous collections.

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