Oregon Home Loan

Oregon Home Loan

Oregon home loan


Do you need an Oregon home loan? It’s important to note that there are all kinds of loan options available for first time buyers, second buyers or even refinancing your home, which you currently own. It might seem like an endless maze of options, but there is a way to uncover the right program for you and it starts with the right mortgage provider.

Oregon Home Loan Programs

Did you know that the USDA loan program is set up for people looking to buy a farm or land, although they might have low to moderate income? If you’re a veteran you might want to see if a VA loan program is the best choice for buying your next house. There are also FHA loans out there for qualified buyers, as well as Section 184 Native American loans. For people who already own a house you might want to consider a home mortgage refinancing loan. While you still often require new closing costs, appraisals, etc. doing a refinancing home loan could save you tens of thousands over the term of your loan. If you’d like to find an Oregon home loan that’s right for you, be sure to contact us.

Today Lending and Your Next Oregon Home Loan

Whether it’s a USDA loan, Native American loan, VA loan program or one of the FHA loans, let us help you. We’re Today Lending and our goal is to make you a homeowner. To get started just tell us a little bit about your life and what you want in a home. We can then advise you on the options that might be open to you, so for your next Oregon home loan, contact us today.

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