HUD 184 Refinance

Did you know if you are a member of a federally recognized tribe you can refinance you existing mortgage through our Hud 184 Refinance Program?

Benefits include:

1. No appraisal, if you currently have a HUD 184 Loan.

2. Monthly mortgage insurance is lowered or eliminated. This gives you a lower monthly payment.

3. There is no minimum credit score requirement. However, your credit does have to be good for at least 12 months. (No unpaid collections or 30 day late payments.)

4. Doublewides are eligible if the meet FHA Foundation requirements. (Primarily concrete with steel tie downs.)

5. Shorten the term of your note.

6. Home Renovations can be made with the Hud 184 Refinance program.  Especially for energy improvements like: windows, roof, insulation etc.  It’s important to not that you need to hire an approved contractor to complete all work.  DIY will not be allowed under this program.

7. If you own land currently you can build.  Please refer to the building tab to review the construction process.


We offer HUD 184 Refinance in Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, California, Florida, Washington, New Mexico and Oregon. There are no income or location restrictions so you can purchase a home anywhere in the state.  The HUD 184 program is available to any member of a federally recognized Tribe, No income caps or degree of Indian Blood. You just need your citizenship card from your Tribe to qualify for the Section 184 Indian loans.



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