The Colorado USDA Rural Home Loan Program

Designed to assist rural communities in the state with housing, infrastructure, cooperative development and community facilities. The Colorado USDA rural home loan is helping increase economic development and quality of life for rural Colorado residents. There are large numbers of counties in Colorado with properties which fit USDA guidelines. If down payment has prevented you from owning a home of your own in the past in rural Colorado, don’t worry! The USDA home loan is your answer to shape your dreams into reality.

Let’s see what are the main benefits & features of Colorado USDA rural home loan applied via Today Lending:

        • No money down.


        • Low fixed interest rates.


        • No maximum loan amounts.


        • No assets needed to qualify for the loan.


        • Flexible credit guidelines for eligible Colorado residents.


        • Affordable loan term at 30 years.


        • 100% financing.


        • Loan can be used for new and existing homes, repairs and reconstruction.


        • No loan limit.


        • No prepayment penalty.


      • Both direct and guaranteed loans.
      • Zero assets for loan qualification.


          • Must live within selected rural areas of Colorado to be eligible for the loan.


          • Have decent credit history 600ish


          • Dependable and adequate income for loan payback.


          • Monthly housing costs must meet a specified percentage of your gross monthly income.


          • Families must be without adequate housing.


          • If you cannot obtain conventional financing.


          • Minimum credit score is 640.
          • Owner-occupied properties only. Property must be within stipulated area.

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