Kansas USDA Rural Home Loan

Kansas USDA Rural Home Loan provides variety of assistance to support housing needs of rural Kansas residents. These loans are increasing the economy and quality of life throughout the rural areas of Kansas. The mission of Kansas USDA rural home loan is to provide home financing that is affordable, high quality and available for low and moderate income Kansas Families . The loans assist eligible homebuyers, regardless of whether they have previously owned or currently owning a home.

The best features & benefits of Kansas USDA Rural Home Loan availed via Today Lending are:

        • The loan is available for purchase of completely new or repairs of existing or newly constructed homes.


        • 100% financing with no down payment.


        • No maximum purchase price limit.


        • Fixed 30-year interest rates.


        • Loans are not limited to first-time homebuyers.


        • Flexible credit and qualifying guidelines.


        • You save money for other expenses.


        • No assets needed to qualify for a loan.



          • People living in any rural area throughout Kansas are entitled for the home loans.


          • Loans are available for low to moderate income individuals.


          • An adequate and steady source of income of up to 115% of adjusted area median income (AMI).


          • Decent credit history.


          • Unable to qualify for conventional mortgage credit.


          • Candidate asking such loans must not be delinquent on any tax or non-tax debts.
          • Must be able to pay back loans.

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