Veteran home loan

California is a large state with many towns. Many areas in California qualify for the Veteran home loan program. If you are residing in California and looking for a Veteran home loan, then Veteran home loans are your best bet. They are 100% financing solutions for California Veterans assisting purchase of a home.

The primary features & benefits of California Veteran home loan applied via Today Lending are:

• 100% financing.
• Zero down payment.
• Flexible credit guidelines for California residents who qualify for the loan.
• Low fixed interest rates. Lenders and applicants agree upon interest rates.
• Both new and existing constructions qualify.
• Affordable loan terms in 30 years.
• Minimal guarantee fee.
• Not limited to first time home buyers.
• Suitable repairs and improvements might be included in the loan. (Up to 5k)
• Low fixed monthly payments.
• No assets needed to be eligible for loan.

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