What is a VA Loan in Tulsa?

A veteran home loan created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt through the GI Bill of Rights. It was designed to provide a federally guaranteed home to veterans and their families. This loan is made through private lenders and require 0 down payment!

VA Loan in Tulsa

Home purchased with a VA loan in Tulsa

What are the requirements to a VA loan in Tulsa?

The VA loan in Tulsa is eligible for Veterans who served or are serving active duty. If you served an active duty then you must have a discharge other than dishonorable. There is a minimum of 90 days active duty during wartime and 181 days during peace time, in order to qualify. There is a 6-year requirement for those who serve on the National Guard.

There is a flexible credit score requirement.

The VA loan in Tulsa requires a residential or monthly income to ensure that you will have enough money to afford basic needs after debts are paid off.

Are there any benefits to a VA Loan in Tulsa?

There is 0 down payment, low interest rates, and a low monthly payment. There are flexible credit guidelines and 100% financing.

VA loans in Tulsa are also available to surviving spouses who qualify.

Barrower are also allowed cash out refinance, meaning they can take money out of equity to pay for school, debts, or home improvements.